Be conscious about a present danger/risk associated with:

*That the data age is in an early stage and that today's Pcs and operating systems are reckless, inhumane and borderless. PC-and operating system makers have enabled individuals having special rights and/or knowlegde to connect to and monitor your PC realtime (and cellphone) even when you think your PC is offline, even when your network card is de-activated and even when your operating system says you are offine and in that way steal data from you in unimaginable ways. In that way there is a risk of that people you don't know can abuse your data in unimaginable ways. That means all ouput of your keystrokes including deleted/trashed data.
Naturally a reckless, inhumane and borderless technology make people behave consciously or unconciously in reckless, inhumane and borderless ways, and it makes both users of the technology and victims of the use mentally ill. It is the responsibility of PC- and operating system makers that some people have been given such a tool and the responsibility of authorities that it has not been forbidden in different countries. One can normally not blame people for use of something when it is not forbidden for them. Authorities, PC- and operating system makers have the main responsibility for the consequences.
*A lack of understanding in many countries of that laws have not kept up with the technological development and that there is a strong need for new laws and law enforcement to protect peoples' privacy.

*That today's cellphones enables young and old people to easily collaborate/participate in illegal organized persecution (which is defined as organized crime in many countries) in ways that not even police authorities would be able to 50 years ago, that police authorities in many countries have not been conscious enough about this problem and that there is a need for telecommunication software monitoring and analyzing communication patterns to easily reveal and stop such persecution quickly (very important!).

*Unimaginable for most people being poisoned or infected with a food, drink or physical disease by a person who intentionally wants to hurt someone. When it happens it is not about finding cure for a disease. Also unimaginable for most people attempts to get hold of a person's biological material like hair for the purpose of fabrication, and sabotage in the value chain of goods.
Be careful with eating mushrooms unless you are sure they are safe to eat.

*Attempts to create wrong perceptions about peoples mental health with money motives or with other motives by abusing psychiatric diagnosis like psychosis and dementia.

*Abuse of your data and especially trashed data that other people may see value in. This may be data that has nothing to do with realtiy that may be used in different ways by people (normally involved in crime) to create wrong perceptions. Stolen data (either trashed or not) may be used in different ways to manipulate people and in attempts to trick people to think that a victim of the theft has been involved in the abuse. If data “leaked” somehow from a person's PC without the person's awareness an investigator could naturally misunderstand and “think” the victim of data datacrime was involved. All people have private and sensitive data so be sure to shred your old hard drives and USBs safely.

*That people with special rights and or/knowledge may in some countries have an acceess to unique door lock keys/codes that enable them to enter your home and in that way access everything in your home including your PC and foods/liquids.

*Kidnappings and despite being unimaginable for most people swop of children after birth with money/gene motives and false identity of donors for artificial insamination.

*Corruption and that it is possible with today’s technologies to «monitor» and/or «control» everything you do.

*That supporters of a famous person feel so strongly committed to the person that they are willing to committ crimes to help the person in different ways and/or for different reasons for example by committing a crime against a critic or a person related to a critic. It is therefore important that famous people and especially politicians, head of states and leaders encourage people to abide by laws. If people know about planned crime being committed against a person without trying to stop it they are accomplices in a way.

*Recording of voice, manipulation of recordings and abuse of recordings.

*Businesses/research environments having developed technologies for reading peoples thoughts that can be used in abusive ways in conflict with laws, and a missing understanding for interpreting data from it correctly.

It is important to:

1) Work to prevent sexual child abuse, to stop spread of wrong information and to correct wrong information that has been spread. People should be informed that adults by instinct and nature are not interested sexually in children/small children and that sexual child abuse happens very, very rarely (it probably doesn't happen among animals). The fact is that adults normally care for children even if involved in crime.

Because sexual child abuse is serious people are naturally "on the guard" if someone “blows a whistle”. Using children “to test” people then is no good idea. Pushing them on to adults with this purpose may have the consequence of pushing abormal emotions on to the tested adults that they by nature and instincts don't have and scare people who normally could help and care for children in a normal way away. The acts of such testing is easily noticed and it can hurt people emotionally, and there should be a warning that throwing wrong suspicions at people or using children to test “wrong” people in such a way at worst may trigger abnormal or bad behaviour.
In countries where selling sex is is allowed and no crime, where adults normally seek physical contact with other adults for mutual physical care and/or physical contact, there is also no reason to suspect adult customers of the workers for being in a “risk” zone of being sexual child abusers.

It is important that misinformation and irrational thoughts is corrected and that judges, police officiers and psychologists are not given wrong information about such abuse.

One can assume that there normally is an abnormal money and/or revenge motive behind such crimes, and that the very few people involved in such abuse (”1 of 1.000.000”) have a combination of several rare and special charcteristics. They may have been neglected in a bad way by society, probably have “animal tendencies” (animals do not have laws) and probably a drug history because of difficulties in life and stand out in ways. People would probably perceive a person who is involved in such crimes as more abnormal than the abnormal man on the bus and more abnormal than a drug user, but because so few people are involved in such crimes most people will probably never meet one of them. When crimes are abnormal the motivations for

them beyond a money/revenge motive are also abnormal. One extra motivation can for example be to create wrong perceptions in a way about a person when that can benefit someone. Another the idea of provoking a person close to the child to make the person committ a crime against a perpetrator or suspected perpetrator to criminalize the person. People involved in such child abuse may be paid by a backer and are not genetically related to the abused child.

2) Prevent that people cause physical or psychological harm or illness to children.

3) Prevent that people disrupt negatively on the natural development of childrens' natural gender preference ('sexual orientation' when older).

4) Prevent that people in sly/illegal ways try to make young people committ crimes and/or prostitute themselves. Note: Bad experiences is for a person like eating food the person doesn’t like. If the person doesn't like it the person don’t do it again. Having a small child or being close to a child victim of such abuse or other kind of abuse is very traumatic. Helpful then is to know that psychologically it is no problem for (young) people who have been victims of such abuse in the past to deal with it as long other people don’t make it difficult for them. This is easy to understand. It’s no point in reminding people about the bad food they ate one day 10 years ago. Psychologically all people soon “forget” about or put behind them the bad experiences in life but try to learn from them.Getting an injury or physical disease that can't be healed can make it more difficult and naturally take more time to deal with psychologially.

Mass psychosis since 2011 or before caused by ruthless, inhumane and borderless Pcs and operating systems

There has been a mass psychosis in Norway and in other countries since the serious crimes committed on 22nd July 2011 caused by missing laws and ruthless, inhumane and borderless Pcs and operating systems. Any change in form of Government in Norway will naturally happen after a referendum sometime in the future or if the Head of state wants a change. Norway will for example not become a republic if a 12-year old dies or is found dead on a soccer field or if a person related to me or someone else dies. Please make sure people get psychiatric/psychological help if they express that kind of psychotic beliefs.

As a victim of a data crime (someones ill and addictive use of the ruthless, inhumane and borderless Pcs and operating systems that PC- and operating system makers have enabled them to) it is not my job to pardon to the victims and not my job to pardon to their next of kin but I can help people affected by the crimes to deal with the consequences and to understand what has happened. Perpetrators have committed crimes against me and against them.

The Norwegian state has a responsibility for the consequences of not having stopped them and makers of Pcs and the operating systems have an obvious responsibility for the insanity of selling people an operating system that tricks buyers both to think that PCs are offline when

online and to think that only people with user accounts can login to their Pcs. Pcs and operating systems must be forbidden by law in all nations unless they are made in humane ways that prevents inhumane, borderless and ruthless use.

Other information

Despite that I from the summer 2011 used a PC that was considered to be safe with a de-activated network card , despite that I for special reasons wrote that “what I type must never be used to hurt or kill anyone” and despite that I trashed the data (in other words «took back words I typed»), despite that I never shared the data with anyone and despite that I never communicated with anyone about the data, despite that the data was typed with the motivation of only thinking about reasons for different types of crimes and of how terrorism in theory could happen psychotic people and/or people involved in

crime stole the trashed data with special motivations through criminal acts, shared and/or communicated with people involved in crime about the data and abused the data with own motivations in ways that made people committ crimes. They stole data after install of ‘invisible’ spyware on my PC and/or by connecting realtime to my PC through an unknown network connection (not shown in Windows) without my acceptance to it and without my awarance of it. Either through “microscopic” parts on the complicated motherboard normal people don’t know about or through a component someone has added to my PC when entering my home while I have been out. Backers and people responsible for it have committed crimes and owe me and others an apology for this.

From 2005-2011 and for some time after I worked hard and honestly on a sports project that become very promising and valuable. This was «my» project that I gave programmers and people who worked with me an ownership in. Sadly people who committed data crimes against me who tried to get hold my project before the summer 2011 somehow influenced on the person who committed the 22nd July crimes in Norway in 2011 (a terrorist attack).

People should have been informed about this through Norwegian newspapers. Before 2011, in 2011 and after 2011 I also believe people who committed datacrimes by connecting to my PC have spread wrong information about me and people related to me to people in different countries with personal motives. First of all I and people close to me of course had nothing to do with the 22nd July crimes. And I am not from a rich tobacco family. Another thing is that one of my ancestors had a legal tobacco business in Norway generations ago. He earned his money through hard- and honest work like most people do like my other ancestors have done. My closer ancestors have been involved in shipping, farming, leading of building projects, management of a store complex and running of a hardware store. My family are good people and my relatives are perceived as good and normal people by people who know us. I have for example never been a victim of sexual child abuse and neither has any of my brothers/sisters. People related to me have as far as I know only been involved in legal businesses/work and there is no reason to critizise and oppose any of them.

Because some crimes had not been committed had it not been for datacrimes committed against me in 2011 and before and after the summer 2011 I encourage people who have been affected by crimes related to these datacrimes to file a police case with reference to the police case I have filed and to express that it is needed to hold responsible the person/business who has the responsibility for having enabled people to steal such data from me, and/or to hold responsible the person who had the responsibility for stealing the data. This mainly concerns trashed unshared data/words from my private PC that someone by connecting to my PC without my awareance has stolen. Microsoft may have a responsibility.

I have committed no crime and have only been a vitctim of datacrimes and it is needed to place responsibility on someone. Several laws have been broken and I believe the PC maker and the operating system maker has a main responsibility: They have enabled someone to break privacy laws and, someone to steal and abuse stolen output of my keystrokes to manipulate/influence on people and as a consequence some people have committed crimes on the basis of bits from the data.

I believe aggravated robbery is the right words to use about the data crimes and the prison sentence for such robbery is long in Norway. A serious crime has possibly also been committed after 22nd July by someone accusing or judging me for having guilt in the 22nd July case which I of course had not.

The only value of negative experiences is what to learn from it. People are not the problem in our time but borderless, inhumane and ruthless technology that enables people to behave in borderless inhumane and ruthless ways by connecting to other peoples Pcs without their awareance of it and without their acceptance to it (like people who connect to my PC these days). Such behaviour is dangerous and can at worst cause wars! Small provocations on an individual level can cause bigger problems that can have serious consequences.

It is a problem that these facts have not been acknowledged because they are the details that one can learn the most of both in the 22nd July case and in related cases. People who can connect to other peoples Pcs in such ways lose contact with reality because they don't have to deal with people. They may even be in another country where people talk another language. Pcs are not human beings. What's on Pcs may have nothing to do with reality. People who connect to other peoples PC in such ways can abuse words and sentences from other peoples writings and in that way interfere in other peoples inner processes (an inner process can be about almost anything) or in other peoples inner battles. It is not a good idea doing so. What happened on the 22nd July may partly have had a technical explanation as a consequence of this borderless inhumane and ruthless technology that probably works like an illegal drug for people who have an access to it. It is too easy for people to relate to other peoples in such a way in stead of contating people if information is needed from someone. When something bad happens this is especially important. Then it may also be the most difficult to contact someone to get information needed because of anxieties/fears that can be triggered. Especially then it is needed, no matter how uncomfortable it is, to seek true information and to do “what is responsible”. I did so in 2011 and 2012 by sharing correct information with Norwegian police authorities. It was uncomfortable despite the fact that I had done nothing wrong but it was needed. A PC is only a box with plastic, metal and technologies. If you meet a human being you can get a lot of important information not even by saying a word and of course a lot more information if talking with the person.

I had no idea someone could connect to my PC even after I had de-activated my network card in 2011 and 2012. A person who has connected to my PC without my awareness over many years may have been mentally ill unless involved in criminal activiates. The right word for this is “datacrime” in a normal person's mind.

The stealing and the abuse of output from my keystrokes after 22nd July may have been done by the people having a responsibility for the datacrimes before the 22nd July. Someone who probably gave many people an access to connect to my PC sometime before 22nd July may have done so viciously to trick people based on stolen output. By that I mean the people who influenced on or manipulated Breivik. I was not aware of that someone could connect to my PC in 2010 and 2011 if someone could.

People from Pakistan were probably familiar with the data crimes someone committed before the summer 2011 but so were other people. I have noticed traces that I belive comes from my sports project also in Latvia and it is questionable who influenced on Latvians before the summer 2011 when it comes to this. I wonder if people from Pakistan had a plan for the project in several countries and if they contacted people in different countries about it.

More or less serious crimes/law violations/criminal cases can naturally trigger psychotic/desperate/illegal behaviour and/or criminal/psychotic acts that can cause (mass)psychosis.

Seek psychological help if you or someone you know needs help to deal with a past happening.

If you have information that you think is relevant in this case you can share the information with Interpol at with police reference no. 15975948 4702/23 -201 in Norway. The case concerns crimes committed in several countries.

Latvia, 03.01.24

Christian Morten Borge

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